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ICAN College is a leading institution recognized for its commitment to produce quality and competent healthcare and business professionals. We offer high-quality and affordable learning, that is tailored to meet growing domestic & global challenges and needs.

Our Faculty of Health Sciences offers courses in:

Business and economics programs offered:  

ICAN College Nursing

Unique Learning Envoiroment

Exceed In Your Industry

ICAN College combines superior academic learning and highly applicable soft-skills as innovation, critical thinking and teamwork. Our professional learning-environment ensures that every student is well-equipped to exceed within their industry upon graduation.

Quality Teaching

At ICAN, students progress academically, discover talent, develop identity whilst realizing their full potential.


ICAN College is well-recognized for its commitment to quality and professionalism.


With the ICAN qualification, our graduands can find immediate employment.

Authentic real-life facilities and equipment

Learn & Develop In Professional Surroundings

At ICAN College, we strive to provide a unique learning-environment that mirror real-life.

Our top-quality facilities and equipment are designed to replicate and prepare our students on situations and challenges they will face in their future job.

ICAN College
ICAN College Nursing
ICAN College Nursing

Student Life At ICAN College

Combining Academic & Social

Our teaching emphasizes on teamwork and social exercises that builds lasting bonds and strengthens your social skill set. You will study among like-minded and motivated students and learn from passionate and skilled teachers. 

Our campus is easily accessible by public transport and offers rich opportunities to socialize outside of the classroom at restaurants and other hangout spots.

ICAN College Nursing
ICAN College
ICAN College Business
ICAN College

ICAN College has definitely made me a better person! Turned my dreams into reality and achieved my ambitions. ICAN equipped me with the determination to never give up and trained me with employability skills that go beyond qualifications and experience. 

Sharmela Gunalan



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